That is the corn field type, not the designer face growth type….. did that get your attention? Good… more on the headline a little later.

Firstly….it has been a while, I guess my reader may well have deserted me by now, but a glorious glorious summer, coupled with a pretty hectic day job has kept me form updating you all on the latest Biddenden Green News… So, as autumn descends, here is a bumper late summer edition.

Firstly… The swallows, those fickle creatures that last year abandoned the farm and left the skies empty during the summer evenings….well this year they came back… and how…. at least two broods on the farm, and judging by the show they have been putting on in the early evening, it has been a bumper year. We have had over 50 feasting on the daddy long legs… and they are still here. Long may that continue.

Not all visitors to the farm are quite so welcome: Charlie below was caught on camera helping himself to the ducks corn… now I don’t mind foxy woxy helping himself to one of his five a day at my expense, but when he returns to cause carnage in the chicken coop… I get the raving hump. He has plundered a dozen or so this summer, and quite frankly if it was not for the fact that he is considerably cleverer than me, he would have had both barrels of my 12 bore…..

The Square Yard of Stubble?? Run out of Word Press words……that will have to wait a week or two.




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