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The plaintive cry of many a back seat passenger is being taken up by all at BGF as we eagerly await the spring. Controversially we consider March 1st to be the first day of spring, where as others (heathens and no nothings to  man!) prefer to wait until the Vernal Equinox of March 20th to proclaim the end of Winter.

Given that today is March 2nd, and the wind is howling and somewhat bitter, I may have to accept some degree of prematureness in my proclamation that the finest season of the year has arrived.

Nonetheless………….look around you. Daff’s are daffing, snowdrops are all but over, and the feathered friends we have here at BGF are a maelstrom of frantic activity. At night the farmhouse is surrounded by the hoots, whistles and screams of various species of owl, and the pace of activity on the ponds is now less frantic.

The scooty hens have been nest building for many weeks, and we now have a permanent posse of 6 mallards making their presence felt. 4 drakes and 2 ducks, the drakes resplendent in their emerald green mating plumage, and the ducks completely ignoring them…..resplendent or not….nookie is not on the cards.

As we slowly dry out from the wettest winter since the last really really wet winter, it is clear that a large number of plants have been lost in the BGF gardens. Months of sitting in cold waterlogged soil, has seen them simply rot away, alas we can be sure that the same fate will not have befallen the bind weed and the creeping buttercup….they like us are just biding their time until the weather is nicer.

Now that the ground can be walked on, rather that swum over, we have been out looking at the winters damage, many trees have gone, including a couple of ancient plums in the orchard, and fencing throughout the farm is leaning at a horrible angle, the Oast roof suffered serious damage during a tornado, and there are large branches scattered across the farm. However, given some of the pictures that have been beamed into our living rooms over the course of the winter, we can count ourselves lucky.

In just a few weeks, the ducks will, with great reluctance I may add, succumb to the charms of the drakes and the ponds of BGF will be buzzing with the tiny yellow fluff balls that are duck chicks…..come along and meet them for yourselves, you will be made most welcome.



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