Yes, yes, I know it is an onld pun…. but like Biddenden Green Farm, I kinda think that the oldens are the gooden’s….

Biddenden Green Farm was built around 1460, so for over 550 yesrs, the land around the farm has been fertilised by pigs, cattle, sheep and various fowl. The soil, although heavy wealden clay is full of centuries of decaying vegatble matter……and this means that during the autumn, we get a spectacular bloom? is bloom the correct word? of Mushrooms and toadstools.


Apparently the study of fungi is called Mycology…….. and entire websites are dedicated to interpid Mycologists that trapse the countryside taking pictures of evermore exotic beasts. If you dont believe me check out or  whose sole aim is to celebrate the ‘exciting’ world of british fungi. None of that for me, however the shiney green ones shown below are undeniably striking.

To be clear, this sudden interest in all things fungal, is a slightly (ok very) convoluted way of playing on the ‘much room’ pun. After an olympics affected 2012, 2013 bookings are such that some of the best weeks are already sold. May, surely one of the nicest months to visit us, has only 1 week left in the Oast House, whilst the Thatched Barn is already booked for the Easter period.

So…….. to tempt some of our regular visitors, blog readers and browsers, this months blog has some early booking, and late availability incentives. Simply send our concierge an email with the subject line ‘do you have mush-room’……….. yes she will think you are barking mad, but she will return your missive with a 5% discount voucher attached. Redeemable against any 2013 booking. If you are still looking for a New Year break, then the Oast is free, ask our concierge and she will respond with a voucher worth either 10% off the weekend, or a massive 15% off the week!!!

Equally excitingly, the same 15% off is available for ANY available mid week break in 2013………….there are of course terms, and conditions, the main one being that bookings must be made before 31st December 2012.

I will leave you with one final mushroom picture, and dont forget…… no discount if the enquiry does not have the correct subject line!!



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