Last Saturday I was sitting in the flyer, AKA  The Flying Horse, a fine public house tucked behind Smarden Church. In my hand was a pint of Late Red…. Shepherd Neames very enjoyable autumn ale.

The reason for my visit, was to watch the Rugby, England Vs Australia, a repeat of the world cup, a renewal of old rivalries…….and an excuse for a pint.

With me, were the Kennish’s, a jovial group of various related parties, who were renting The Thatched Barn, and were…………..Australians!!!. I was clearly planning this blog to be a slightly smug reprise on a glorious victory over the wallabies……. that was not to be. So I have turned my thoughts away from rugby, and to the various nations and nationalities that it has been our pleasure to entertain during 2012.

Now………. I live in Smarden, indeed I consider it a privilege to live in Smarden, however………it is a very very very small place. The entire parish of Smarden consists of circa 1000 adults (keeping 3 pubs open!!!! way to go)……….. the world populations is around 7billion people……………..If you look at the above map of the world, Smarden is a tiny tiny tiny pin prick within a pin prick within a pin prick within a small smudge of an island ……And yet.

Yes and yet…………. in 2012, we have Australians (a little smug after the rugby result mind), Kiwi’s (for a weekend!!!), Americans, Singaporeans, Canadians, French, Dutch, Germans, Italians (for X mas). Israelis, Hong Kongers….even celts, from Cornwall, Scotland and Wales.

You have to question how this tiny parish, even if it is located in the centre of the wonderful Kentish Weald, ends up hosting so many people from so many nationalities.

There are two potential answers to this question. The first is that Mrs M has built a holiday empire with global reach due to her innate wonderfulness………… The second is Dr Google.

Ok, the press Dr Google is getting right now due to their tax affairs does not make them that popular in the UK , nonetheless without Dr Google Ms M’s wonderful work would not be appreciated throughout the globe……..

So, to all of you, of all nationalities, who for a short period have made Smarden your home, we thank you… and look forward to your return. To the Scandinavians, the South Americans. and all of you who reside in the Isle of Mann….. What is stopping you?

Come and join the party, and see why this beautiful part of Kent, attracts visitors from so many parts of our diverse planet.

See you soon we hope

PS: White Squirrel spotted last weekend!!, fantastic news that he/she survived the summer.

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