And so……….October fades into November, and the ‘proper’ winter starts. The clocks have moved and the nights are long, the weald begins to settle into the season. Despite the first frost having already hit, and there being more leaves on the ground than on the trees, flashes of what was summer still remain, a few roses hang on, splashing colour and scent, and when the sun does come out, there is still a warmth in its rays..







Nonetheless, these reminders of warmer days are just that……reminders, the air in the village is spiced with apple wood smoke as the open fires and wood burners take over from open windows and barbeques, the pubs are full of men (and women) in shooting attire, and the hunt is girding its loins for another season chasing scented socks through the Kentish countryside.

I must confess, a days hunting on horse back, even if it is now simply chasing a laid trail holds some appeal for me. I dont know if it is the jodhpurs, or the copious amounts of alcohol that seems to be consumed during the day that lights this particular candle……. however this time of year, I keep threatening to learn to ride, in order thay I could join the hunt one boxing day. Perhaps Mrs M (if she reads my ramblings) could arrange for some lessons as a Christmas gift, at the same time she should probably up my life insurance as well.

Today the weald is still, hardly a breath of air, the sun is out, and the gardens and fields of Biddenden Green Farm are clearly autumnal. The Farm Tollers, know that once a few chores are out of the way, including setting up our bird feeding station, a walk is in the offing…they are already prancing and dancing in anticipation.

Nobody can doubt that each season brings something special to the weald, the flora and fauna adapt and change, are the fields any more beautiful when full of hay, than when they are crisp with hoar frost? I know not, however looking out of the window as I write this, it is clear to me why Smarden is my home.

Winter bookings are a low cost getaway from the hustle and bustle of the towns as they gear up (ever earlier it seems) for Christmas…… For those of you who would like to enjoy a few days at a less hectic place, we would welcome you. What could be better than wrapping up warm, walking the quiet fields and lanes until you arrive at the pub…log fires….real ales…….fine wines and the best produce from the garden of england ready to refuel you.

We sincerely hope that you find the time to join us.

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